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Our Mission

To Know Christ and make HIM known

Our Vision

Growing disciples in relational environments

How We Do It

Seek Jesus - Growing people change

Share ourselves - You can't do life alone

Serve community - Saved people serve people

Shape disciples - Found people find people


We live. We love. We serve.

We want to reach people and teach them how to follow Jesus step by step through faith as friends, becoming family, and growing together in our futures. We encourage one another to follow Christ as we

Live for More

"I have come to bring LIFE in all its fullness."

John 10:10

We Believe

  • God is Real

  • The Bible is God's Word

  • Jesus is God's Son

  • Jesus is our Savior

  • We are saved by grace, through faith, in baptism. 

  • Jesus is coming again

          LifeSong Christian Church        was established in May of 2019 by the Cross Bridge Christian Church in Dalzell, South Carolina. The lead shepherd at Cross Bridge, Tim Brown, is a co-minister here in Manning. LifeSong Christian Church and Cross Bridge Christian Church are part of the Restoration Church Movement.


          The Church is one large spiritual family. The word "church" means the "called out ones". LifeSong is a campus of the Cross Bridge family. We jointly contribute our time and talents in both locations.

          Our desire is that the Holy Spirit will bless both congregations as we work to foster an atmosphere of unity that communicates warmth, acceptance, and love between all who assemble with us.

Our Preachers


Gregg Wilgus


Tim Brown

Honoring our Faith, Building our Future

We look back and thank God. We look forward and trust God.
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