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LifeSong exists to help people take the next step in their  journey to know Christ and make HIM known.

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Church isn't about where you meet,

how often you meet or how many songs

you sing. It's about coming together

as a family of believers in Christ

and worshiping the God of the universe.



God prepares and equips us for good works. Christian faith is not something to be consumed. It is something that we participate in as believers.

We call that Every Member Ministry.


We come together to worship God, to learn and to share our lives. We are renewed, inspired, and encouraged by those who come together with us. We gain hope from the Biblical message that makes it clear our life is our story

as well as our song.


We are REAL.

We have fun.

We make mistakes.

Clothing isn't important. 

Come as you are.

Some of our people dress up .

Some wear business casual.

Some come in jeans and t-shirts.

We believe God takes us "as is".

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